The EXTRAordinary Happy Tree Book


At the beginning of the pandemic, and with the Safer at Home Order in place, plus the scariness of the unknown I wanted our twin babies to see something magical when they looked out the window.  I wanted to spread a little happiness to our neighborhood.  So I created a tree filled with ribbons. What I didn’t expect is the joy that it would bring… to us all.  People small and big would stop and smile, take breath, take a pic.  As a family we would dance under the ribbons, friends would stop by for a socially distance happy hour & I would lie under the ribbons wishing and praying everything would be ok. Lovingly we called it The Happy Tree!

One day a little girl stood with her parents looking at the tree. I came outside and said “would you like one” she replied with an enthusiastic, “yes please!” She picked her ribbon and off she went. About 2 weeks later I got a flyer under out door. It was a homemade newsletter about how she had started a Happy Tree of her own.   

I was in awe that this one simple gesture, handing ribbons from a tree, would cause such a reaction.  A community was created.  Since then, separated from my family and friends I wished that I could fly to them, like the ribbons in the book.  

Together we can get though anything.  The human spirit is truly EXTRAordinary! 


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